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December Sire Summary Heightens Opportunities For Jetstream Genetics Customers

Madison, Wis. (December, 2017) – The December 2017 sire summary includes outstanding results for Jetstream Genetics’ lineup including exciting milking daughters for the Performance Proven Sires, new Jetset Priority Genomic Sires from renowned cow families, showring dreams with Custom Cut Type Sires, as well as opportunities with fertility specialist Reprojet Sires and the unique Robotic Sires. The Performance Proven Sire 534HO00025 MARDI GRAS is the No. 1 TM sire in the UK, setting a milestone for Jetstream.

Highlights from the Jetset Priority Genomic Sire lineup include: 

  • 734HO00082 MONSTER (Jedi x Bombero): This new-release sire has no contract restrictions and offers +2797 GTPI, +2477 Milk and +2.25 PTAT. At +876 NM$, +82 Fat and +80 Protein, it won’t take bravery to add MONSTER to your mating list, he is our No. 1 GTPI sire available. His +1.9 DPR and +7.5 PL will produce healthy offspring backed by loads of production. MONSTER is Jedi x VG87 Bombero x Predestine x Snowman x EX DOM Planet Manitoba x EX DOM Shottle May x EX Oman. MONSTER semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.
  • 734HO00083 MASTERMIND (Montana x Supersire): The Gold-N-Oaks Marbella cow family provides the genius behind MASTERMIND. Breeders love profits from production and MASTERMIND delivers with +1947 Milk, +68 Protein and +87 Fat. Those numbers combine to offer +899 NM$ and +2742 GTPI. Low SCS at +2.77 and longevity with +7.7 PL make this sire safe for the heifer barn too at +7.8% SCE. MASTERMIND is Montana x VG86 Supersire x VG88 Bookem x VG88 MOM x VG89 GMD DOM Shottle x EX94 2E Morty x VG87 GMD DOM Marshall x EX92 Bosco x VG88 Duster. MASTERMIND semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.
  • 534HO00049 MONTANA (Montross x Uno): This A2A2 Robotic Sire continues to make ground. MONTANA brings a powerful genetic package with +2732 GTPI, +2.19 PTAT, +2.41 UDC, low SCE at only +7.3%, +8.9 PL and impressive production, health, and fitness traits. MONTANA’s dam by Numero Uno is VG at 2 years. He completes 10 generations of VG and EX dams: Montross x Numero Uno x Domain x Planet Manitoba x Shottle May. MONTANA semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.
  • 534HO00073 ARGO RC (Silver x Supersire): ARGO RC joins the top end of Jetset Priority Genomic Sires at +2698 GTPI, demanding attention for his Red Carrier gene. He is extreme at +837 NM$ with more than +2.23 points on Type and UDC. His health traits are solid at +2.0 DPR and +8.4 PL with low SCS of 2.65. The pedigree stack for ARGO RC is Silver x VG Supersire x VG Alchemy x Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude EX95 2E DOM x EX93 GMD DOM Prelude x EX94 4E DOM Jubilant x EX96 4E DOM D-R-A August x EX90 2E x EX90 3E, completing eight generations of VG or EX females and six generations of EX females. ARGO RC semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.

Highlights from the Custom Cut Type Sire lineup include: 

  • 534HO00079 WARRIOR (Battlecry x Tango): Welcome this WARRIOR to the Custom Cut Type Sire lineup with +2.89 PTAT. He will win type battles for herds while filling demand for A2A2 milk. WARRIOR has many traits to strengthen production with +1225 Milk, +73 Fat. Low SCE 7.5, low SCS 2.60 and high fertility strengthen his arsenal. His sire stack is Battlecry x VG Tango x EX Mogul x VG88 Man-O-Man x VG Goldwyn x EX Champion x EX Hershel x EX Rudolph x VG88 Elton x the one and only Snow-N Denises Dellia EX95. WARRIOR semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.
  • 534HO00076 FREEZE (Monterey x Beluga): FREEZE is an outcross to the type world pedigrees. He is Doorman-, Atwood-, Dempsey- and Goldwyn-free. With his solid GTPI at +2464 combined with 3.08 PTAT and +2.90 UDC, FREEZE is a Custom Cut Sire that will align with matings for high PTAT needs. FREEZE delivers all those elite traits as well as +6.6 PL. His sire stack is Monterey x Beluga x Bookem x Bronco x Shottle x Kirby x Patron x Roebuck. FREEZE semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.
  • 534HO00040 BRASH (McCutchen x Goldchip): BRASH is a high-type GTPI sire from the Barbie family with a unique combination of +3.61 Type, +2.76 UDC, +2.16 FLC and +2229 GTPI. He also delivers on calving ease with +5.9 SCE. BRASH is one of the best McCutchen sons with fancy early daughters hitting the ground. This high-type Custom Cut Sire is free of Doorman, Solomon and Atwood to make BRASH an easy mating choice. The Barbie cow family delivers consistently and deliver once again with BRASH. Semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.

Highlights from the Proven-Performance Sire lineup include: 

  • 534HO00026 DEMAN (Mogul x Atwood): DEMAN is the #1 PTAT Mogul son in the U.S. at +3.16 PTAT. He is popular in Canada too at +3156, landing DEMAN at #14 GLPI sire. Few sires have the CDN type breakdown that he offers. In Italy and the UK he is also a chart leader making him a global attraction. The Debutante EX92 branch of this family has many high-ranked daughter-proven sires. DEMAN and his popular brother, 534HO00017 DELTA, have semen readily available and qualified for all international markets.
  • 534HO00031 POWERBALL-PO (Earnhardt x Robust): POWERBALL-PO is the No. 1 PTAT, UDC and F&L Polled daughter-proven sire available. He has changed the landscape on Polled genetics, exceeding all trait thresholds with +6.2 SCE and +4.2 DPR — a health and fertility specialist from the respected Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX92 DOM GMD family. Breeder satisfaction is beyond impressive with his 2-year-old results in numerous countries. POWERBALL-PO semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.
  • 534HO00025 MARDI GRAS (Mogul x Planet): Added daughter information makes MARDI GRAS a high-reliability Proven Performance Sire. He is the No. 1 TM sire on the UK list and among the top in many other countries. MARDI GRAS stamps his daughters much like his sire Mogul. They are the dairyman’s dream cow — medium size, wide chested, strong, well-attached udders, and correct feet and legs. MARDI GRAS daughters represent the modern cow with health, production and ideal functional type. MARDI GRAS semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.

Jetstream Genetics LLC features deep-pedigreed cow families, high numbers, extreme type, extreme production, Red, Polled, and the best sires combining these attributes through the technology of genomics. In a rapidly changing and evolving AI marketplace, Jetstream secures the most sought-after genetics and offers competitive and favorable contracts for customers — allowing them their greatest return. Jetstream Genetics is the catalyst in moving genetics forward.

For more information, visit www.jetstreamgenetics.com or call 1.855.4JETSTREAM (855-453-8787).


GENEX and Jetstream Genetics Sign U.S. Marketing Agreement

Watertown, Wis. (September 15, 2017) Jetstream Genetics is pleased to announce an exclusive marketing agreement with GENEX for the U.S. This unique partnership enables GENEX to enhance future growth for both organizations. “The agreement intensifies our current position in delivering elite sires to producers across the U.S.,” said Roger Turner, global sales and genetic manager for Jetstream Genetics. “Through GENEX’s extensive service and sales staff, more dairy producers will now have access to our genetic portfolio helping them to further their breeding goals.”  

GENEX will be the exclusive marketing partner of Jetstream Genetics in the U.S. beginning Oct. 1. Internationally, Jetstream Genetics will continue to offer elite sires under its trusted Jetstream brand and through already established distribution partnerships worldwide.  

Jetstream Genetics was established in 2012 and is known throughout the world for its elite offering of young genomic and top-ranked proven sires. The organization thrives on providing genetic progress to increase the profitability of the Holstein population. 

“We are proud to welcome Jetstream Genetics to the GENEX family,” said Huub te Plate, chief operating officer of GENEX. “This company shares a common vision in providing U.S. producers with industry-leading profit-packed genetics, making this an ideal alliance.”

For more information about GENEX or Jetstream Genetics, visit www.crinet.com or www.jetstreamgenetics.com.